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Confidence awaits

01. Believe you deserve good things.

You can’t be confident without this.

02. It looks different on everyone.

You have your own unique aura that nobody can replicate, if you care to access it. Another word for this is “authenticity.”

03. It feels different in various situations.

In reality, you’re naturally going to feel less or more sure of yourself in certain situations compared to others. But the trick is not to think that self-confidence is linked to your ability to be great…It’s to think that it’s linked to your ability to be okay with an outcome, as long as you try. Don’t confuse confidence with proficiency, though this helps increase confidence over time.

04. Develop guiding principles.

Personal values create strong character. Confidence that is cultivated on a deeper level - the silent, unwavering kind that others can sniff on you - comes from leading a purpose-driven life rather than a goal-oriented life. People who have no sense of higher self ultimately lack a certain resolution in their actions.

Even in the work place, research shows that the most important factor for successful, long-standing businesses and companies, is being founded on non-negotiable principles that are baked into their work culture. 


Note that such principles should evolve in their interpretation according to the times in order to grow and avoid stagnation.

05. Write down your top 5 traits

Get clear on things about yourself that you are proud of. Now, think of some successful people who do not have those traits and still made it. This is proof that you are already "ahead" of what you give yourself credit for,

and are equipped for success.

More next time

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